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An hourly rate is charged. Please call the office to discuss specifics. A one time retainer is requested per case and is applied to the work done. A bill is presented once a month and payment is requested within 15 days.  Please note: Our office works for you, not the Estate.

  Other costs:  






  • Court filing fee: $395.00



  • Newspaper Publication Fee:
    Varies by city, usually between $200
    and $400, some higher.


  • Probate Referee:
    The Probate Referee
    appraises the assets
    of the Estate. Probate

    Referees are qualified
    appraisers who have

    passed stingent
    education and testing

    requirements and are
    appointed by the

    California State
    Controller's office.
    They receive a
    commission of 1/10
    1% of the total
    value of the assets
    appraised, with a
    minimum fee of

    $75.00 and a maximum
    fee of $10,000.


  • Bond: A bond may or may
    not be required. Call for
    rates and conditions.
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